Our Mission

The Bingham-Waggoner Historical Society is organized for the preservation and interpretation of this site. Its focus is to increase the understanding of the history of the Queen City of the Trails, as well as, to be an economic asset to tourism industry, generating interest and dollars while at the same time preserving its special identity.

The dedication and hard work of the members has culminated in a beautifully preserved home.  Over the years, we have cleaned, polished and preserved the buildings and Waggoner Family possessions to bring them back to their original splendor.  We have delighted in watching the transformation and look forward to sharing the experience of  returning to the 1890's with you.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions, interest in joining our group, or would like to contribute to our activities.

Advisory Board

  • Ora Lee Amos, Christmas Chair
  • Cindy Briner, Membership Chair
  • Jim Burgess
  • Karen Burgess, Newsletter Chair
  • Anthony Catalano
  • Madelyn Connelly, Research & Restoration Chair
  • David Cook
  • Karen Euritt
  • Steve Euritt, Nominating Chair
  • Barbara Frazier-Lehl
  • Barbara Graham
  • Don Meinsen
  • Roma Meinsen
  • Marsha Sappenfield
  • Dorothy Schreiber, Lunch Chair and GIft Shop Co-Chair
  • Linda Vansandt


  • Linda Kueck, President
  • Madeline Engelbrecht, Vice President
  • Steve, Schreiber, Immediate Past President
  • Wanda Dunlap, Treasurer 
  • Margaret Shields, Recording Secretary
  • Joan Justice, Corresponding Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Mary Catalano
  • Bill Chapman, Winefest Coordinator
  • Cheryl Coffman, Fashion Show Chair
  • Bill Connelly
  • Wanda Dunlap, Treasurer
  • Madeline Engelbrecht, Vice President
  • Edie Green
  • Geoff Ingram
  • Joan Justice
  • Linda Kueck, President
  • Shireen McLaughlin, Site Coordinator
  • Steve Schreiber, Immediate Past President
  • Dorothy Seaver
  • Margaret Shields, Recording Secretary
  • Fran Sibet
  • Leona Tennison
  • Dolores Walker
  • Silvia Wilane
  • Kristen Wolf
  • Sam Yankee